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Let's get growing!

Here's how you can get involved with our community gardens throughout the month of July:

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Grassroots Gardens of 
Western New York

We Garden Communities

Grassroots Gardens WNY is a dedicated group of community gardeners and activists. Our mission is to share knowledge, power and resources to grow healthy food, heal systemic harm, and strengthen neighborhood connections through community gardens. We collaboratively cultivate and manage more than one million square feet (and growing!) of urban green space. We have over 100 community gardens in our network.


Our work is rooted in the belief that a garden has the power to transform a neighborhood. Community gardens deliver beauty and escape while many produce healthy food in unexpected places. A garden creates a shared sense of purpose that empowers a community, creates environmental awareness, and improves public health.


During the 2023 season, we distributed...

2023 Materials Infographic.png

we worked  and learned in solidarity with...

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Learn more about a few of our member-gardens from our gardeners in the videos below. 


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Have a question or need?
Call us at  716-783-9653



Our Community Garden Resource Center & Office on Broadway are open by appointment only during the off-season.


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Ask a question, share a photo or  testimonial, or give us  feedback via email at

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