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Freedom Gardens Update: Gardening For Life & Liberation

On May 15th, which was the deadline to fill out a Freedom Garden application, over 340 residents living in zip codes...

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Architecture Students' Projects Find New Home In Buffalo

A UB architecture student’s efforts to find a community use for his class project... 02/04/2019

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A Neighborhood Garden Blooms at Moot Community Center

A partnership between the the Buffalo Medical Campus (BNMC), Grassroots Gardens...  10/19/2018


Grassroots Gardens WNY Welcomes New Executive Director

It would be hard to evaluate just how much of an impact Grassroots Gardens WNY has had on Buffalo... 5/16/2018

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Gathered in the room are a dozen or so gardeners, participants in GGWNY’s monthly Gardeners Committee meeting.


Grassroots Gardens plants roots on East Side with new Community Garden Resource Center

Grassroots Gardens WNY has found a new home on the city’s East Side. After one of their biggest output years to date,... 10/18/19

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What's In Store for Grassroots Gardens?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Grassroots Gardens WNY (GGWNY) is one of the most important urbanist... 11/13/2018

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Nourishing the Community

Buffalo had, for far too long, a narrative of being just another Rust Belt city,” said Barbara... 6/26/2018


New Urban Farming Program Hopes to Tap Youth

East Side Success: The program intends to use vacant lots to increase urban farming by training Buffalo... 2/23/2018

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