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Freedom Gardens Update: Gardening For Life & Liberation

On May 15th, which was the deadline to fill out a Freedom Garden application, over 340 residents living in zip codes...


On National CSA Day, Buffalo urban growers sign safe farming pledge

Local urban farmers gathered Friday to celebrate national Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Day and to sign a pledge

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Architecture Students' Projects Find New Home In Buffalo

A UB architecture student’s efforts to find a community use for his class project... 02/04/2019

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A Neighborhood Garden Blooms at Moot Community Center

A partnership between the the Buffalo Medical Campus (BNMC), Grassroots Gardens...  10/19/2018


Grassroots Gardens WNY Welcomes New Executive Director

It would be hard to evaluate just how much of an impact Grassroots Gardens WNY has had on Buffalo... 5/16/2018

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The Greening of Buffalo

Gathered in the room are a dozen or so gardeners, participants in GGWNY’s monthly Gardeners Committee meeting.


Grassroots Gardens plants roots on East Side with new Community Garden Resource Center

Grassroots Gardens WNY has found a new home on the city’s East Side. After one of their biggest output years to date,... 10/18/19

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What's In Store for Grassroots Gardens?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Grassroots Gardens WNY (GGWNY) is one of the most important urbanist... 11/13/2018

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Nourishing the Community

Buffalo had, for far too long, a narrative of being just another Rust Belt city,” said Barbara... 6/26/2018


New Urban Farming Program Hopes to Tap Youth

East Side Success: The program intends to use vacant lots to increase urban farming by training Buffalo... 2/23/2018

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