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Each spring, our garden educators work with children and teachers to start their very own seedlings for their school's garden. All the kids involved get a unique and fun chance to see up close the natural process of seeds evolving into fully grown, food producing plants! Contact Greg Wilder, our Garden Education Coordinator, for more information via email at or at 716-783-9653 for more information. 

A series of "grow-at-home" videos is also posted below.


Seed Starting at Home Instructional Videos

Planting Your Seeds

Starting your garden plants from seed can be accomplished with some common household items and a trip to your local garden center. Indoor grow lights will help, but you can also grow seedlings next to a sunny window. 

Seedling Care

Your seedlings will require proper water, nutrition, light, and space in order to grow into healthy plants that can be transplanted into the garden.

Transplanting Your Seedlings

When your seedlings begin to outgrow their original cells, they may need to be transplanted into larger containers until they are ready to be moved outdoors.

Outdoor Container Sowing

You can begin to start seeds outdoors by creating your own mini-greenhouse using commonly recycled items.

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