Classroom Composting

Through our Creative Composting Initiative, we engage with schools to help reduce the amount of garbage entering the waste stream.


Each participating class adopts a composting worm bin in which they discard their organic waste rather than adding it to the garbage. 


Students are also encouraged to increase the amount of materials they recycle, both in school and at home.

In the spring, students are able to add their finished compost to the school garden. This gives them first hand experience on the life cycle while also adding nutrients to the garden beds.

Building Your Worm Bin

You can also reduce the amount of waste contributed to a landfill by beginning to compost at home.

Check out our step by step guide to creating your own worm compost bin by using a few easily sourced materials.

Composting Guide

Our composting guide answers most questions you may have about vermicomposting.


We'll let you know the best location for your compost bin, the foods to feed your worms, the foods to keep out, and a few different methods to harvest your compost once it is finished.

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